Brand Consultant. Inspirational Speaker.

Corey is on a mission to help people rekindle their unique spark, in life and in business.

The Story

Corey Jeppesen is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Bahlr Media, and host of a weekly vlog for movers and shakers around the world. As a speaker, Corey equips people to master the art of communication, tap into their unique gifts, and find greater fulfillment in their modern lives.

Corey is passionate about the evolving nature of the digital world, focusing more on timeless principles than on trending minutiae. Today it may be social media, but tomorrow brings the promise of virtual reality and unforeseen platforms. Corey reminds us that authenticity, passion, and originality never go out of style.

As the founder of Bahlr Media, Corey leads his team of creators as they help businesses transform the way they communicate. Corey believes in going beyond “business as usual” and pursues relationships over transactions - creating a long-term vision with each client. From web design and SEO to print marketing and videography, Bahlr Media masters the ins and outs of online marketing, so business owners can focus on what they do best. Corey’s vlog is an unscripted weekly show based in the Pacific Northwest. Corey takes viewers behind the scenes to watch the inner workings of a modern day entrepreneur. The show is equal parts motivation, education, and entertainment. Followed by a videographer, Corey shares lessons in business and in life to inspire the dreamers, the movers, and the ones who are shaping the future.

The Fulfilled You

Fullfilled You Corey Jeppesen

Corey loves speaking to new audiences about ideas that can make a difference in their lives. Whether he’s equipping small businesses to stand out from the crowd or inspiring young people to learn from their mistakes, his mission is to help every audience member find their unique spark and become truly fulfilled.